I studied Fine Arts at the UPV Politecnic University of Valencia, Spain, with a degree in drawing. I am a member of the IEA (Almeria Institute of Study) in the Art and Literature department since the 25th of November 2013.
I live in Almería, in the south of Spain, were we have beach, sun and tapas, a lovely place with beautiful landscapes for the film making. This land gave very talented and good international photographers like José María Mellado, Manuel Falces, Pérez Siquier or Domingo Leiva... good wedding photographers too, because of the light of Almería perhaps.
I work in a digital printing shop as a graphic designer. I take pictures since my childhood, when my father gave me his kodak camera. Now, it is more than a passion, it´s a way of living. I enjoy going to concerts and taking pictures of the show. I learn guitar and singing. I even published a CD with some covers. Keeep in touch in my social networks, blogs... I do speak English, French, German and Spanish, my mother tonge. I hope you like my work. You can count on me in the future.

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